About Us

Welcome to Perfect Tease!

Sometimes, we want to wave our geek flag high; sometimes, we want to express our feeeeelings. Sometimes we want to be cute and funny and snarky and clever and hip.

What we don't want to do, however, is deal with what's supposed to be comfortable - the easy tee - because it has become distinctly... NOT.

You shouldn't have to worry that you can't wear your tee without a hoodie or a cardigan because it stretches obscenely around your fantastic bosoms. You want to be able to reach for the book on the top shelf at the bookstore, and know that your tshirt isn't bringing the curtains up on the stage at Softer Bits Theatre.

It's hard to be gorgeous if you're not confident, and it's hard to be confident if you're not comfortable. And it is unthinkable that you can't be all of those things in something as simple as a tshirt.

Your curves. Our tees. Its a perfect combination